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    Our History
    Jinxiang county standard Co., Ltd. is located in the town of Garlic in China - Jinxiang county new 105 national road and 244 provincial road intersection. The factory covers an area of 5,000 square meters, mainly consists of cutting, plate cutting, bending, lathe, welding, grinding, assembly, warehouse and other workshops. The company has advanced technology equipment, complete processing equipment, all kinds of machining, cutting, grinding equipment, to meet the production needs and ensure the processing quality.

    Our Factory
    Jinxiang is non-standard machinery co., LTD is a professional garlic deep processing machinery manufacturers, the main products are: garlic, sorting machine, garlic, cutting machine, disc machine, garlic garlic peeling machine, cream-colored separator garlic, garlic, garlic dry machine, drying machine, garlic garlic classifier, garlic rice weighing machine, garlic packing machine and other dozens of garlic special-purpose machinery products. Zhengbiao adapt to the development of the global garlic machinery industry, for the majority of new and old customers to provide high-quality and inexpensive products. Zhengbiao has advanced technical personnel, has a high-quality team, can timely provide customers with perfect after-sales service. "Professional qualification, build brand" is the target of business, "excellent quality, trust price" is the target of business purpose.

    Our Product
    Garlic peeling machine, garlic head petal machine, garlic onion peeling machine, garlic rice special color sorting machine, pepper special color sorting machine, dryer, cleaning and disinfection equipment, all kinds of packaging machine, automation equipment manufacturing.

    Product Application
    Garlic, onion pepper and other crops rough processing, deep processing of all kinds of machinery, food processing machinery.

    Our Certificate
    Foreign trade management.

    Production Equipment
    Lathe, milling machine, sawing machine, large plate shearing machine, bending machine, argon arc welding machine, two protection welding machine, various grinding machinery, etc.

    Production Market
    Sales area: Large vegetable wholesale market, small farmers' market, agricultural products processing plant, etc. The market share of processing machinery is more than 70%.

    Our Service
    鈼?Before Sales: There are professionals to introduce the product, according to the actual situation of the customer analysis of the market
    鈼?Sales: There are professional designers based on the factory design machinery installation and placement, according to the factory situation out of professional drawings
    鈼?After Sale: Full-time after-sales staff 24 sales services. Lifelong after-sales serviceChina Cold Dryer